A fire in the 22600 block of 88 Ave. S. yesterday morning has caused more than $2 million in damage.

The first 911 call came from the company’s owner at 7:30 am, as he arrived at work. He reported white smoke coming from one end of the single story, masonry building, but very quickly changed it to include flames as well.

IMG 0246 1When firefighters from Puget Sound and Renton Regional Fire Authorities arrived, they concentrated on keeping the fire from spreading down the length of the building while also fighting where it started.

One employee was treated by firefighters and paramedics for smoke inhalation. That person did not require transportation to a hospital.

The fire started in an area of the company where metal aircraft parts are deburred of rough edges and is currently under investigation.

[Source:Kyle Ohashi, Captain and Public Information Officer, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority]