Proposition A – a proposed 2% utility tax increase for Kent Police and Criminal Justice Services – is failing by over 17 points in the first round of results released by King County Elections.

The ballot measure in this special election said:

“In order to fund additional police officers and criminal justice services in Kent, Proposition A would authorize the city to levy a 2% utility tax increase, from 6% to 8%, on the total gross revenues of companies providing electricity, manufactured and natural gas, telephone, and cable television services in the city. The additional revenue will establish police officer staffing levels consistent with comparable jurisdictions, and fund other criminal justice services impacted by additional officers.”

City of Kent:
Ballots Counted: 11,294
* Registered Voters: 60,739 • 18.59 %

Proposition A:

  • Approved: 4,640 • 41.29 %
  • Rejected: 6,597 • 58.71 %