EDITOR’S NOTE: ‘Just Jeff’ – aka Jeff Heiss – is our newest columnist:

I dont accept gifts freely

I don’t accept gifts freely.

As a contractor, I frequently get to be friends with my clients or at least friendly. It’s common to be asked if I wanted to stay for dinner, to which I politely decline. Then, I go home by myself and eat something I warm in the microwave.

Why do I say no when I would actually like to stay? Their offer was simply a gesture, right?

They didn’t really want to be inconvenienced, did they? I’ve learned to say yes; to accept their offer – offer of food, friendship and company.

I’m the same way when someone offers to help – I decline. I don’t want to put them out. Besides, I can do it myself. It’s been suggested that when I say no, I actually rob someone of the joy they’d receive by helping.

Pride gets in the way of my accepting gifts, but I’m better now at looking past it and saying yes.

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