At Tuesday night’s Kent City Council meeting, Kent Police presented a Lifesaving Award to Officer Taylor Burns, along with a Citizen Commendation to Jason Holsclaw for saving the life of citizen Jeremiah Johnson.

Police say that on the foggy morning of Sept. 15, Mr. Holsclaw was pumping gas and heard a crash. He saw lights that appeared to roll over and disappear. He drove over, got out and was able to see a vehicle submerged down the embankment. He stayed on location until officers arrived.

Officer Burns climbed down the steep embankment onto the bottom of the vehicle. The side doors were too close to the banks to open so he climbed to the back of the car and opened the trunk. In the small opening he saw the top of a human head. It started to move and the eyes opened so he reached into the water and grabbed the occupants shoulder. The driver was in an air pocket about the size of his head.

Jeremiah was able to attend Tuesday’s meeting so he could personally thank Officer Burns and Mr. Holsclaw for saving his life.

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Well done all!