This week didn’t go quite the way that workers at Kent Public Works expected.

“We got ice instead of snow, but our crews were ready, working 24/7 since midnight Monday,” they said. “Using salt, sand and de-icer, they kept all Kent roads open for the duration of the ice event.”

They also fixed potholes created by weather changes.

Here are some stats from the week:

    • They had up to 45 staff per day, split into 12-hour shifts for 72 hours.
    • They covered approximately 200 miles of Kent roads.
    • They used 112 tons of sand, 20 tons of salt and 3,090 gallons of liquid de-icer!

“A big thanks to our crews for their hard work and to the community for driving safely. Whatever Mother Nature throws our way next, we’ll be ready!”

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Photos courtesy Kent Public Works