This week’s Kent Police “Top Cop” recognition goes to Officer Fisher (pictured below) who tracked down a hit and run suspect who fled in a stolen vehicle, then jumped out and fled on foot before trying to hide by burrowing under a house:

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A Top Cop nod as well to Officers Pribble, Rainer, Donges, Lind and Newman who all assisted in this call that had numerous witnesses, several incident locations and a suspect who was determined, although unsuccessfully, to get away.

Officer Fisher was dispatched to a hit and run collision, with the victim driver following behind the suspect vehicle. Officer Fisher was able to catch up to the pair and get his patrol vehicle behind the suspect, who then refused to pull over.

Officer Fisher attempted several maneuvers to safely stop the vehicle, and eventually the suspect’s driving broke the axle of the vehicle and he had to stop. He bailed out of the car and fled on foot into some neighboring backyards.

Officer Fisher was right behind as the suspect tried to shake him by entering one yard after the other; he watched as the suspect crawled under a resident’s home trying to hide. Initially the suspect disobeyed directions to come out and crawled further into the home’s foundation, but eventually Officer Fisher was able to talk him out and take him into custody without incident. The homeowner did not know the suspect and asked that he be trespassed from his property.

Backup Officers Pribble, Lind, Donges and Rainer arrived to help. It was determined that the vehicle the suspect was driving had been stolen from a Kent resident. The Officers all jumped in to help with contacting the hit and run victim, the owner of the stolen vehicle and all the witnesses to the incident.

Officer Neumann offered to drive the suspect to the hospital to be cleared for an injury he claimed occurred as he was driving. He attempted to flee on foot a second time at the hospital, but he wasn’t fast enough for Officer Neumann and was caught again.

In addition to the original hit and run, the suspect’s potential charges include escape, possession of a stolen vehicle, eluding and trespass. The suspect also had a felony warrant for stealing a vehicle previously.

Great job to Officers Fisher and Neumann for being fleet of foot and capturing the suspect before he could do more harm. Nice teamwork from Officers Pribble, Lind, Rainer, Donges and Neumann.

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