This week the Kent Police Department awarded its “Top Cop” honor to two Patrol Officers who helped a suicidal and assaultive teen to de-escalate, drop his weapon, and go with them to a hospital for treatment.

Here are more details from Kent P.D.:

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Officer W. Davis and Lind were dispatched to local youth services office for a teenager who was threatening other juveniles with broken glass.

The young man, who is 6’3” tall, was attempting to cut himself at the time the social workers called 911.

Officer Davis and Lind arrived, and could see that he was concealing something, later discovered to be a piece of broken glass, in his hand. As they began to calmly talk to him, he moved the concealed glass across his neck. Through patient and de-escalating words, they were able to talk the teenager into putting the piece of glass down. Thankfully he had not badly injured himself yet and had not injured the social workers or other juveniles.

The teen admitted he was suicidal, and that he had threatened to a youth services caseworker prior to their arrival. The Officers talked with the teen, and arranged for him to be transported to a local hospital for evaluation and help.

Our Officers are highly trained in de-escalation tactics. But tactics are not enough. KPDs mission statement includes Serving with Compassion. The compassion shown by these officers toward this teen is clear. They were able to utilize their skills to help this teenager decide to drop his weapon and accept help.

Great job Officers.