A Welcome Figure dedication was held at the Greater Kent Historical Museum on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

“We are especially grateful to Mike Evans and Chuck Simpson for working through every kind of weather to bring this figure to life,” organizers said, “along with Nancy Simpson for bringing the log to the grounds.”

Evans, Simpson and others carved the Welcome Figure, which is now permanently installed at the Greater Kent Historical Society and Museum grounds.

Speakers at the dedication included Kent City Council President Bill Boyce, Rep. Chris Stearns, Ken Workman and Eileen Richardson for the welcome prayer.

“It was a beautiful day to gather at the Museum. And, to the City of Kent, 4culture and SoCo Culture for their generosity.”

Mike Evans, Waq́usqidəb, is the Honorable Chair of the Snohomish Tribe of Indians, Father of the Blue Heron Canoe Family, and Vice President of the Greater Kent Historical Society.

“Our gracious thanks to the City of Kent for this beautiful piece.”

Learn more here: https://kenthistoricalmuseum.org.

Below are photos from the event, courtesy the Greater Kent Historical Society:

KGHSWelcomeFigure 11

KGHSWelcomeFigure 10

KGHSWelcomeFigure 09

KGHSWelcomeFigure 08

KGHSWelcomeFigure 07

KGHSWelcomeFigure 06

KGHSWelcomeFigure 05

KGHSWelcomeFigure 04

KGHSWelcomeFigure 03

KGHSWelcomeFigure 02

GKHSWelcomeFigure 01

GKHS WelcomeFigure 00

The Greater Kent Historical Society and Museum is located at 855 E. Smith Street, Kent, WA 98030: