By Jack Mayne

The Kent City Council on Tuesday, May 21 adopted an updated transportation program as well as a proclamation declaring a week in May as public works week.

Council President Bill Boyce, chairing the City Council session in the absence of Mayor Dana Ralph, appointed Greg Haffner to the city’s Public Facilities District Board.

Nobody showed up to testify at the public hearing prior to the City Council’s final adoption of the updated 2020-2025 six-year Transportation Improvement Program or TIP.

The program represents a proposed transportation improvement work program for the next six years and must list projects and programs of regional significance for inclusion in the transportation improvement program within that region. The program is also required to be consistent with the Kent Comprehensive Plan. The city can search for financial partners and apply for financing grants.

The Council approval of the week of May 20-26 as National Public Works Week noted the city “recognizes the men and women in Kent who provide and maintain public works infrastructure, facilities and services are of vital importance to sustainable communities and to the health, safety and well-being of the people.”

Council also approved a proclamation as American Cancer Society Relay For Life Week, marking the l8-hour community event on June 7 that “celebrates survivors, remembers those who have lost their battle with cancer and unites our city to fight against a disease that has taken too much from too many.” Read more about Relay for Life here.

Also recognized was the Flower Court Neighborhood Council, the city’s 44th recognized neighborhood council, “organized groups that work to improve communication and livability in neighborhoods by providing opportunities for residents to participate in the civic process.” The neighborhood is is the location of 102nd Avenue Southeast and 37th Street.