On Thursday night, July 20, 2023, Kent Police, along with other Police Departments who comprise the Regional Illegal Street Racing Task Force in our area, arrested a suspect for his dangerous activities in Kent and Auburn.

The suspect was booked into the City of Kent Corrections Facility.

Nathan Karhu, a 26-year-old Maple Valley man, was arrested and booked for three counts of reckless endangerment, and one count each for reckless driving, unlawful race attendance, and public disturbance.

Police said that the task force was alerted by the public and law enforcement partners to Karhu’s alleged dangerous stunts in our cities. The activities on film placed our residents and motoring public in danger on several occasions.

Police add that the suspect’s reckless crimes were posted on a YouTube channel.

“The task force would like to express that if you choose to enter one of our cities to perform dangerous stunts, and then post them on the internet for fame, they will notice and pursue you for criminal charges. It is not ok to put our city in danger for your entertainment,” police said.

“We want to thank and recognize the task force for their passion and expertise to make our cities safer by aggressively pursuing persons who put our city at risk.”

Scott Schaefer

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