Starting this coming Monday, Mar. 25, 2019, the 30-day warning period for two new school zone enforcement cameras will conclude and enforcement will begin in Kent.

Drivers who speed through active school zones on or after that date will likely receive a $136 ticket in the mail, police said.

In the first three weeks of the warning period, 330 warning notices were issued to drivers who exceeded the speed limit.

As a reminder, the new cameras are located at Springbrook Elementary (20035 100th Ave SE) and Meadow Ridge Elementary (27710 108th Ave SE). The speed limit in school zones is 20 MPH.

“In school zones where school aged kids are present, drivers need to take extra caution and slow down. Just a 5 MPH difference in speed can make a big difference in preventing tragedy,” Police Chief Rafael Padilla said.

Here are the enforcement times by school:

Meadow Ridge

Morning Cameras:

    • 8:05 am (Violations Start/Flashing Lights ON)
    • 8:30 am (bell rings)
    • 8:35 am (Violations Stop/Flashing Lights OFF)

Afternoon Cameras:

    • 3:05 pm (Violations Start/Flashing Lights ON)
    • 3:10 pm (Bell Rings)
    • 3:35 pm (Violations Stop/Flashing Lights OFF)

Wednesday ONLY – Early Release:

    • 1:05 pm (Violations Start/Flashing Lights ON)
    • 1:10 pm (bell rings)
    • 1:35 pm (Violations Stop/Flashing Lights OFF)


Morning Cameras:

    • 8:55 am (Violations Start/Flashing Lights ON)
    • 9:00 am (Bell Rings)
    • 9:25 am (Violations Stop/Flashing Lights OFF)

Afternoon Cameras:

    • 3:35 pm (Violations Start/Flashing Lights ON)
    • 3:40 pm (Bell Rings)
    • 4:05 pm (Violations Stop/Flashing Lights OFF)

Wednesday ONLY – Early Release:

    • 1:35 pm (Violations Start/Flashing Lights ON)
    • 1:40 pm (Bell Rings)
    • 2:05 pm (Violations Stop/Flashing Lights OFF)

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