Bettina Carey’s Generous All-Virtual
Pedagogy Transforms Our Planet

ULTRA-RAPID RAMP UP VIA ULTRA-EMPOWERING LEADERSHIP – When Bettina asked me to pitch in to help, I asked her, “and so how many months do we have?” Her reply was simply, “ten weeks.” And Bettina was dead serious, even before we were clear on our virtual event technology direction, and even before she assembled our virtual team. But it was her own empowering leadership and the fact that she already had a core group of amazing speakers, coaches, authors, and consultants who love partnering with her. They have already benefited working closely with her over the years, and that has allowed her to ramp up rapidly. That group even included me as one of her “Bold Men” who’s loved her vibes and heartfelt caring over decades, ever since I first met her. And this is a caring that continued to expand and grow as Bettina continued to “break through her own glass ceiling” in increasingly audacious ways. This is the subject of her about-to-be-released book, Shattering the Glass Ceiling, that’s destined to help many.

WOMEN’S EMPOWER SUMMITS MORPH TO WE EMPOWER YOU SUMMITS– My continuing adoration for Bettina has to do with experiencing her own personal development as well as her transformative business leadership that just keeps getting smarter and smarter and kinder by being even more inclusive, even including us “Bold” men in authentic partnership, all the while continuing to empower women of all ages, locally, regionally, across cultures and the planet. She has widened her women’s empowerment group and summits to include men as well, building an even more diverse and inclusive virtual enterprise, supportive infrastructure, end-to-end cloud-based business processes focused to do a world of good. In return, she attracts it. She pays in US dollars, too; great for folks in developing countries working virtually.

IT’S HER ULTRA-AFFORDABLE ALL-DAY PASSES, HER MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM, HER MARKETPLACE, GENEROUS AFFILIATE PROGRAM AND REVENUE SHARE THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BENEFIT FROMBettina engages with and helps people, corporations, government, foundations, non-profits, and NGOs, as well as the smallest solopreneurs and people needing to learn how to succeed with an online business. In the “new normal”, Bettina’s comprehensive approach gets it right and can help people blast forward. It’s also phenomenally good societally, economically, and environmentally.

SO SIGN UP NOW – For all your truly transformational rapid e-learning take-away, so you too can blast forward, sign-up now to attend her We EmPOWER You all-virtual 12-hour event on Wednesday, Sept 9, 2020. 8:30 am to 8:30 pm (PST) and find out more about Bettina’s generous Affiliate Program and revenue-sharing that will can also greatly benefit you. CLICK HERE for more info.

Bettina Carey
CMO, Brand Strategist & Publicist
Bettina Carey Productions – A Marketing, Publicity and Publishing Agency
Founder & Chief EmPOWERment Officer, Women’s EmPOWERment Summit 9.9.20 & Women’s EmPOWERment Marketplace & Global Network


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