Man attempted an attack on a homeowner and deputies

A homeowner fired a warning shot at a man running at him with a sharp object in his hand. When Deputies responded to the scene, the suspect came at them as well.  Two tasers were ineffective in stopping the suspect and he was shot by one Deputy as he advanced on them. The suspect died of his injuries.

Shortly before midnight on June 13, 2017, King County Sheriff 911 received multiple calls regarding shots being fired in the 13600 Blk of 3rd Ave S in Burien Wa. As Deputies were responding, a homeowner from the area called to report that he had fired a warning shot at a man who had advanced on him while holding what he thought was a knife.

The homeowner told 911 that, just prior to him firing the warning shot, his friend had come to his door and was yelling that someone was chasing him with a knife. The homeowner armed himself with a handgun and went outside to see what was happening. While in front of his house, the homeowner was confronted by a man holding a knife or some sort of sharp object in his hand. That suspect began advancing on the homeowner in a threatening manner.

As the suspect approached him, the homeowner fired a round into the ground as a warning. That did not dissuade the suspect and the homeowner ran back into his house and slammed the door just as the suspect was about to enter. The suspect began pounding on the door and stabbing it with the object he was holding, all the while yelling that he was “The “Creator.”

At about this same time, KCSO Deputies from Burien arrived and confronted the suspect in front of the house. They ordered the suspect multiple times to get on the ground and drop what he was holding. The suspect did not comply with their orders and began advancing towards the Deputies. Two Deputies fired their tasers at the suspect in an attempt to stop him from advancing. The tasers were not effective and the suspect continued to advance.  At this point, one Deputy fired at least one round, striking the subject in the torso.

Deputies immediately began lifesaving first aid efforts and also called for Fire / Medics to respond. After Medics arrived, they took over lifesaving efforts, eventually transporting the suspect to Harborview. The suspect died of his injuries.

The city of Burien contracts with the King County Sheriffs Office for police services.  The Deputy involved in the shooting has been with the King County Sheriffs Office for 2.5 years. He has been placed on administrative leave, which is standard for officer involved shootings.

Little is known at this time about the suspect. At the time of this press release, King County Sheriffs Office Major Crimes Detectives are currently at the scene collecting evidence and gathering more information about the entire incident. An additional press release with updated information will be released when more info is known. 

[Source: King County Sheriff’s Office]