Violators could be fined $250 and have fireworks confiscated.

Today the City of Kent sent out a reminder that the use of fireworks inside the city is illegal.

The city of Kent’s fireworks ban prohibits the sale, possession and use of all consumer fireworks as part of an effort to eliminate fires, injuries and fireworks-related complaints. This marks the first year the ban is effective since Kent City Councilmembers approved it last year. Councilmembers passed the ban after a 2015 advisory ballot measure showed nearly 67 percent of Kent voters supported banning consumer fireworks.

The ban makes it illegal to sell, possess and use any fireworks. Violators could face a $250 fine and have their fireworks confiscated.

“It’s very simple: anything you have to light, including sparklers or something with fuses is absolutely illegal in Kent,” said Police Chief Ken Thomas.

“We know fireworks have been popular on the Fourth of July. And in spite of the law being on the books, we anticipate fireworks will still go off; it takes a while for some people to catch on. That’s why we’re working hard to notify the community,” Thomas said.

The city is encouraging families to enjoy the public display of fireworks at the Lake Meridian Splash at 10 p.m. this Fourth of July. Kent Police will conduct emphasis patrols and respond to reports of fireworks to issue citations and enforce Kent’s ban on consumer fireworks.

Reporting violations

To report fireworks emergencies, call 911. To report fireworks being discharged near your property, in a public park or school property, or if you observe fireworks sales within Kent’s city limits, please call 253-852-2121. Police will prioritize fireworks-related complaints among other calls for service.

Ban details

It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage in the retail sale of, or to sell, possess, use, transfer, discharge or explode any fireworks of any kind within the city of Kent with the exception of permitted public displays, such as those at the Lake Meridian Splash, performed by a Washington state licensed pyrotechnician.

All activities related to public fireworks displays shall be in accordance with RCW 70.77 and WAC 212-17 and shall be reviewed by the Fire Marshal’s Office. For information on public display permitting requirements or about the ban, contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 253-856-4407.

Fireworks and pets

Protect your pets over the Fourth of July by keeping them secured indoors since loud noises may cause your pet to stray. Please ensure they have two forms of identification (e.g. King County pet license, name tag, microchip) as this will help reunite you with your pet.  If you are looking for your lost pet, contact Regional Animal Services of King County at 206-296-3936, or



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