Now that the Feet First Wednesday walks in Kent are over until next Spring, please keep walking! Walking in the outdoors is one of the best types of exercise you can take.

Plus, during COVID times walking is one of the safest activities if you follow the WA 6-foot minimum soclal distancing and mask wearing guidelines.

Each month over the winter starting with November, Feet First will feature a different walk that we ran over the summer in or close to Kent. You can enjoy these walks in your own time again or for the first time.

You are invited to walk the recommended “Trail of the Month” or any other trail in Kent or close to where you live at any time of the week during daylight come rain or come shine. You can walk on your own or with family or friend. You chose when and where to go and with whom! The most important part is…. to:



Start from the Green River Trailhead in Kent and walk south alongside the Green River to the Interurban Trail.

LOCATION: The Green River Trailhead, 937-999 Hawley Rd, Kent, WA 98032. (Hawley Rd. is an extension of Rd to the east of West Valley Rd. by LA Fitness)

GPS Location: 47.37531, -122.24530

Find on Google Maps:

Driving south on Washington Av. S./West Valley Rd. turn left into Hawley Rd. by this “Green River Trailhead” sign. The trailhead parking lot will be on your left after LA Fitness and Holmes Electric

Please note: there are no restroom facilities at the trailhead or on the trail

TRAIL DIRECTIONS: Follow the Green River Trail south through Riverview Park and alongside the riverbank past Foster Park to join the Interurban trail. Continue south down the Interurban for a short distance. Then return the same route. If you walk for 30 minutes out and then return your total distance will be close to 3 miles.

When passing through Riverview Park on the way out or back you will have the option to cross the footbridge and take the short secluded loop in Riverview Park on your way out or back. (This short extension is not paved, but all the rest of the route is paved).

View from the trail: Mt Rainier across the UP Railroad tracks.


      • Maintain 6ft. social distancing from all others whenever possible
      • Bring a mask or other face covering that covers your mouth and nose. This must be worn whenever you cannot keep at least 6ft. from others.
      • Bring hand sanitizer to use after you touch a hard surface that may have been touched by others
      • Try to avoid touching your face
      • Bring family and friends up to a limit of 6 total. You may also bring a dog on a leash.
Feet First Walkers reach the Interurban Tail last July.

Contact Kent Feet First Neighborhood Walking Ambassador Chris Ensor: [email protected]

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