Kent Police are continuing to investigate the shooting from October 1, with now two confirmed deceased and one critically injured.

This incident occurred the morning of October 1 around 3:20 AM. Officers had been dispatched to the report of an illegal discharge occurring somewhere east of the 18000 block of East Valley Highway. Initially nothing was located, however, a security guard on patrol in the area located a subject on the ground in the 18100 block, in a strip mall off the main roadway and quickly notified the police.

Preliminary information is that a verbal dispute took place in front of the strip mall and quickly escalated, ending with a 46 year old male shooting a 31 year old male, killing him.  Another associated male then shot the 46 year old male, critically injuring him and fatally wounding a different 28 year old male that was also involved.

It is believed that this was an isolated incident confined to those directly involved. Kent Police Detectives are gathering information from witnesses and evidence from the scene, meticulously working all the information that is obtained in connection with this incident in an effort to clarify the circumstances that led to this shooting.

The names of the deceased and injured in this case have been tentatively identified, but their information will not be released pending confirmation and notification of their families.

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[Source: Commander Jarod Kasner, Kent Police Department]

Michelle Gehlman-Teeter

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