Story updated 11/13/16 to include suspect’s name.

Unincorporated Renton–On Monday, November 7, King County Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested a real estate agent after he was caught on camera stealing prescription medications from a homeowner. He was charged with Residential Burglary.

The 43-year-old real estate agent, Aaron Peterson, employed by Windermere called a homeowner that had his house listed for sale. The agent asked the victim if could show his home to a potential buyer. The victim agreed. The victim had security cameras throughout the house.  The victim was alerted when the agent entered his home and was able to capture the live-feed from his iPad as it was connected to the surveillance system.

The agent entered the home without a client and went through the home opening kitchen cabinets and eventually opening a drawer in the bedroom night stand. The agent was seen removing prescription medication from the medicine bottles and then placing the bottles back into the drawer.  The agent put his business card on the kitchen counter and left the residence.

The next day, the agent contacted the same homeowner and wanted to “show the house” again. Sheriff’s detectives worked with the homeowner and were able to arrest the agent as he was leaving the residence.

If you have (or have had) your home on the market recently, we urge you to check you prescription medication to assure that you have the correct medication in the bottles.  There is reason to believe that this agent may have replaced the prescription medication with other types of pills such as Tylenol. It is also recommended that you secure any prescription medication in your home.

A representative from Windermere was contacted and we were notified that, due to this incident, the employee has terminated.

Source: King County Sheriff’s Dept.