Attend public meetings to share input and ideas

Sound Transit invites the public to learn about the projects’ goals and activities and to offer comments on potential access improvements. There will be two public meetings this week:

  • Wed., Feb. 8 (3:30-6:30 PM): Green River College at Kent Station
  • Thurs., Feb. 9 (3:30-6:30 PM): Auburn City Hall, Council Chambers, 25 W. Main St., Auburn

Since voters approved the station improvement projects in 2008, Sounder ridership has grown steadily, and is expected to increase by approximately 70 percent by 2035. These improvements will ensure easy and reliable access to the stations as ridership and service increases.

Members of the public are invited to learn about the project goals, schedule and upcoming activities, and to provide comments on potential ways to improve access to the station, including a parking garage, and pedestrian, bicycle and transit improvements.

These open houses will introduce the projects to the communities, and kick off the alternatives development and screening phase. Throughout this phase, members of the public will have opportunities to get involved.

Sound Transit will work with the cities of Kent and Auburn, elected officials, stakeholder groups, regional partners, and the community to evaluate and identify a preferred package of access improvements by late 2017. The improvements should be complete by 2023.