Kent Police are reporting of a rather unusual recent encounter with a stowaway in a police cruiser – here are the details from Kent P.D.:

You’ve got to be kitten me! It was almost a CATastrophe!

What do you do when you’re just trying to grab a snack on the go during a busy shift, and a wild cat decides to pick that exact moment to leap into your engine compartment and decide to call it home?

The feral feline was unwilling to negotiate, and refused to retreat from its dangerous choice of abode. Driving off would certainly injure or maybe kill the kitty, so Officer Pribble did what all good Officers would do, she stayed put and called for backup.

One tow truck, two King County Animal Control Officers and some Police back up later, the car was lifted, and the self-destructive kitty was safely secured.

This very fur-tunate kitty is feisty, and we are hoping there is a strong paw-sibility that she finds a Purrrrr-fect home.

You asked for a picture of our feline culprit, so here you go-what a sweet face:

Susan at King County Animal Control said that our stowaway has minor injuries and is doing very well. She mentioned that a lot of kitties are awaiting adoption right now. FYI in case you’re ready and interested to add a furry companion to your life. Check here to see who is awaiting a forever home:

Our special kitty’s ID number is A643451 and will be posted on the above site shortly.

We are toying around with a few names befitting of a kitty who hijacked a police car after being lured in by the delicious smell of Taco Time food…… Nacho? Pawfficer? there are endless possibilities. Thoughts?

Scott Schaefer

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