Ravensdale, Wash. – Units of Maple Valley Fire responded to what was initially called a garage fire at 1:10 this afternoon.

When firefighters arrived in the 31900 block of the Cumberland – Kanaskat Rd, they found a large barn that was fully engulfed in flames, along with a smaller shop. The barn was approximately 50 feet from a house, and heat from the barn fire was causing the home to begin to smoke as well.

Because of the potential danger to the home’s occupant, firefighters first removed the adult female and then began attacking the barn fire. This fire was fought “defensively” or strictly from the exterior of the barn due to the amount of fire and potential collapse.

Reports of possible explosions may have been caused by overheated propane bottles or inflated tires that were exposed to the fire.

A second alarm was called due to the limited water supply. Water had to be shuttled to the fire because there were no nearby fire hydrants.

Although the barn, shop, and a travel trailer were destroyed, the home suffered only minor damage.

A King County Fire Investigator is currently on scene to determine the fire’s cause.

[Source: Captain Kyle Ohashi, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority]

Michelle Gehlman-Teeter

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