Last year during the month of October more than 82 law enforcement agencies around the United States participated in a national campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer.  Members of participating agencies wore either pink patches or pink badges on their uniforms to help bring awareness to the subject.

Two options were available for current and former department members to visibly show their support if they desired.  Employees who chose to participate purchased either a pink version of a commissioned officer’s badge or a smaller one inch lapel pin version of the badge.  Participants will be allowed to wear the badge or pin as part of their uniform during the month of October.

Badges were customizable for rank and badge number and became message badges of support and honor.  Some employees chose meaningful numbers or dates.  Others had the names of spouses or family members engraved.  One of the deputies wanted to purchase a badge to get the conversation about breast cancer going and more importantly to honor his family members who have battled breast cancer.  In thinking about what he wanted as his badge message to be, he came up “FIGHT.”  He said that “We [as supporters] have the easy FIGHT as ours is “with” and “for” them, where they have the ultimate FIGHT which is “against.”

Participation by department members (current and retired) was overwhelming.  The opportunity to participate was embraced through all ranks, by civilian members and commissioned, by currently employed and retired.

This campaign has genuinely brought out the best in the organization as members rallied around a way they could help and honor those fighting breast cancers.  To bring home the fact that breast cancer touches all of us, several department members purchased badges in acknowledgement of their own battles with it.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance was chosen as the local cancer organization to be the recipient of the funds raised through this event.  Not only do they have an amazing reputation in the fight against breast cancer, but they support care and research in a wide range of cancer illnesses.

Over 500 lapel pins and 305 badges have been purchased and distributed for the October 1st kickoff.  As a result of our employees participating over $8,000 was raised and will be donated to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

[Source: Sergeant Cindi West, King County Sheriff’s Office]

Michelle Gehlman-Teeter

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