This week, Carmen Goers – commercial banker and recipient of the 2022 Kent Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award and 2021 King County Council MLK Medal of Distinguished Service Award – announced her candidacy for Congress to represent Washington’s 8th District.

A Republican, Goers will be vying to replace incumbent Congresswoman Kim Schrier (D), in the Aug. 1, 2023 Primary Election.

Goers most recently lost against four other candidates in the Aug. 2022 Primary Election for Legislative District No. 47 Position No. 2, which was won by Chris Stearns (D) in the Nov. General Election.

Goers says that her experience as a banker over the last two decades has equipped her with a breadth of knowledge about the circumstances impacting the industries that serve as the infrastructure for American society.

“As an engaged citizen, Carmen’s dedication has been proven with her involvement with Washington not-for-profits,” according to her announcement.

Her campaign launch video can be viewed below:

Goers shared the following statement:

“I love Washington, and have strong roots in raising a family and being an active member in our community –but I’m not in love with the way that D.C. has dismissed the effects of their actions, which are throttling the costs of being a parent, grandparent, and professional in America.

“The stark reminder of this starts in the morning when I prepare breakfast for my family: eggs are almost as valuable as gold now, the price of bread is a wonder, and the thought of filling up the gas tank before heading to work feels like a punch in the gut.

“I’m fed up, and I know fellow Washingtonians are as well. Changes must occur in this nation, and that’s why I’m stepping up to run for Congress.

“Washington’s 8th congressional district needs a champion who will empower small businesses with the freedom to thrive so that families can reap the benefits at our grocery stores, gas stations, and retail shops.

“When elected, I will hold D.C. accountable for managing a budget responsibly, as I have had to – as a mother and businesswoman.”

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