Kent Police recovers a lot of stolen vehicles, and they say that not are all quite this obvious, but there are usually some tell-tale signs.

Here are some tips from Kent PD:

    • Stolen vehicles are often dumped in weird locations, look ransacked, or are missing key items like tires.
    • Sometimes thieves event put a fork in the ignition.
    • Last year KPD recovered over 1100 stolen vehicles.
    • Here’s some tips to help make your car a harder target for theft:
    • Do not leave your car running and unattended.
    • Lock your doors and roll up your windows/sunroofs
    • Remove valuables from your car (this includes change, sunglasses or anything of value)
    • Shopping? don’t leave bags in plain site
    • Be aware of your surrounding when parking
    • Use a club on the steering wheel

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