54-year-old male is in custody

Kent Police are continuing to investigate a stabbing, with one reported fatally injured, this afternoon.

Around 2:25PM today, Officers responded to the 9500 block of S 207th Pl. for a report of a stabbing.  When they arrived they discovered a female that had been stabbed and appeared critically injured.  They also discovered a male with blood on his clothes and holding a large knife.  The male was immediately confronted by police, dropped the knife he was holding, and was taken into custody.

Medics and police provided immediate lifesaving efforts; however, the female succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Preliminary information is that a domestic dispute escalated between the male and female and the 54 year old male stabbed the 51 year old female, multiple times.  The male then walked down the street, still carrying the knife, before being confronted by the police and taken into custody without any further incident.

It is believed that there are no other suspects at large at this time and the incident is specific to the involved parties. Kent Police Detectives are gathering information from witnesses and are collecting evidence from the scene, meticulously working all the information that is obtained in connection with the incident to clarify the circumstances that led to this stabbing.

[Source: Kent Police Department]

Dana Neuts

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