Increased traffic and engagement, popular news stories and more

This was a busy year for iLoveKent. Here are some highlights from the year behind us:

Activity and engagement

  • Traffic to the website nearly doubled by year-end.
  • We posted 268 stories with an average of 34 stories per month (August – December).
  • We have 529 new followers on Facebook (all organic traffic, not paid). Total followers on Jan. 1: 2,338.
  • We have added 256 Twitter followers since May 23, 2016. Total followers on Jan. 1: 2,545.
  • We launched an Instagram account in May. We’ve posted 195 photos and have 281 followers.

Operational highlights

Top 15 stories of 2016

Our top stories for the year were a mix of features, crime and government news, and updates about the status of iLoveKent.

  1. Kent is 18th most diversity city in US
  2. King County Council approves $1 million for Kent YMCA
  3. Kent PTSA Clothing Bank robbed
  4. iLoveKent may be changing
  5. Ghosts, goblins, goodies – Halloween 2016
  6. Kent Grand Organ project – classical music close to home
  7. Kent Business Spotlight: Artsy Fartsy Art Lessons
  8. Kent Winterfest 2016
  9. iLoveKent’s status – it isn’t promising
  10. City wants board and commission volunteers
  11. Macrina Bakery opens in Kent Aug. 8
  12. KentHOPE: Respect, Compassion and Camaraderie
  13. Enjoy Kent Cornucopia Days July 8 – 10, 2016
  14. Kent Police investigate shooting, two dead, one injured
  15. 2016 Frog Frolic

What the numbers don’t necessarily show is how engaged and supportive our audience is. iLoveKent is really an online news site FOR the community and BY the community. We share news, events and information with each other, and we regularly discuss topics important to Kent, its residents and businesses.

Thanks for your part in helping iLoveKent to be successful in 2016, and here’s to a great 2017 of working together.

Dana Neuts

I am a full-time freelance writer, editor, marketing pro and the publisher of