EDITOR’S NOTE: ‘Just Jeff’ – aka Jeff Heiss – is our newest columnist:

By Jeff Heiss
aka Just Jeff

I’m racing through life. Fast. Trying to get things done; more and more things done. Faster and faster I go. I’m pretty good at it. I’ve been doing it a long time; kind of perfected it. I’m always in a hurry. Too much to do. That doesn’t stop me, though, from adding more to my list. Now I must go faster to get even more done.

I don’t appreciate much; don’t have time. Can’t take the time. I’ve got things to do. Lots of things to do. Got to keep going. Faster. Race through life. That’s my mantra; unwritten.

While I’m doing one thing, I’m thinking about the next thing I need to do and all I need to do after that. And what I need to do tomorrow and the next day and this weekend and next week and …

Racing through life. That’s what I’m doing. Getting things done. Appreciating little, except ‘checking the list’. My life is a blur.

I could slow down; change my pace. Begin to appreciate things; little things, even big things. But then I’d get less done. Getting things done is important. When I get all the things done I need to get done, I’ll slow down. Then I’ll appreciate what life has to offer. I hope I have some left; life that is – to appreciate when I’m done racing through it.

Hopefully this made sense. I would have edited it, but I didn’t have time – got more things to do.

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