[learn_more caption=”Click here to learn more”]This week, the King County Prosecutor’s Office charged Kyle Michael McCullough, 28, of Kent with the murder of David Aguayo, 26, in a Des Moines apartment, because he was suspicious that his girlfriend was having an affair with him.

On June 20, 2022, the King County Sheriff’s Office notified Des Moines Police that a body was found inside a plastic tote in the area near the Duwamish River.

Police advised that they were called to the location by a female who reported she was told by her brother’s roommate, that her brother (victim David Aguayo) was stabbed to death by McCullough in an apartment located in Des Moines.

The tote was located, and officers confirmed it contained a body. The Medical Examiner later identified that body as Aguayo and ruled his death a homicide, noting multiple stab wounds.

During the execution of a signed search warrant of the Des Moines apartment, detectives found homicidal evidence, including blood spatter and evidence of attempts to clean up blood. According to witnesses, McCullough had been upset recently, because he found out that Aguayo was having sex with his girlfriend.

A witness was interviewed by police and stated that on June 17, 2022 he was sleeping in his apartment when he woke up to the sound of screaming. He observed McCullough kneeling over Aguayo, and said the victim’s face was bloody and McCullough was holding a knife.

Detectives determined that on June 17 there had been an argument between McCullough, his girlfriend, and the victim after McCullough discovered that they were having an affair.

Charing papers say that on June 22, 2022, McCullough was taken into custody at his apartment in Kent. Post Miranda, McCullough said he got into a physical altercation with Aguayo. McCullough admitted during the fight he stabbed Aguayo multiple times with a pocket knife he was carrying in his pants. McCullough said Aguayo was unarmed during the fight, but claims Aguayo was choking him with one hand before he stabbed him. At the time of the interview with detectives, McCullough did not have any injuries or marks on either his neck or face. McCullough did have a cut on his hand that he claimed might have occurred during the fight with Aguayo.

After detectives had McCullough’s hand treated at the hospital, he was booked into King County Jail for Murder 2nd Degree.

Bail was set at $3 million dollars, and his arraignment is scheduled for July 11.

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