Kent Police Officers – including K9 Kane – worked together recently to locate and arrest a suspect wanted for robbery, burglary, and multiple warrants.

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It’s Top Cop Thursday!

This story is true, but reads very much like a movie script. Spoiler alert – it all turns out well.

Today we are highlighting the great work done by Officers Percy, Reed, Brom, Lai & K9 Officer Kallir with his K9 partner Kane in nabbing a suspect who stole a purse from an elderly woman, fled on foot, entered a stranger’s home with children inside, then tried to hide in the stranger’s attic (scary stuff). The suspect also had felony warrants for escape, assault and malicious mischief D.V. (domestic violence).

Kent Officers were dispatched to the area of 240th and 104th Ave SE regarding a strong-arm robbery. An adult male suspect, (not a Kent resident) had snatched the purse out of the shopping cart of a women in her 80s. He ran away, dropping the purse in the parking lot after stealing her cash from inside.

Quick thinking witnesses were able to point Officer Percy in the right direction by giving a great suspect description, snagging the license plate of his get away car, and providing a general direction of travel for the suspect vehicle. Thank you for being great witnesses! Officer Percy quickly located the suspect vehicle and attempted to stop him, but he wasn’t inclined to give up. Eventually Officer Percy was able to safely stop the vehicle, but then the suspect ran on foot towards a neighborhood.

Knowing that Officer Kallir and K9 Kane were nearby, Officer Percy asked for additional units to form a perimeter around the area, and requested K9 for a track.

Officer Kallir and K9 Kallir responded to the area and began to track from the stolen car. Meanwhile, 911 was receiving calls of an unknown person attempting to enter their homes. Officer Brom, who was on a K9 perimeter position, was flagged down by a mom stating that she was rushing home because her teenage daughter had just called her and said that someone was trying to get into their house. Mom had told her daughter to hide herself and her younger siblings in the bathroom-good thinking mom!

Officers later learned that the suspect entered the home when the teenager was on the phone with her mom, but then saw our police officers in their yard, and fled the residence.

Officer Kallir and K9 Kane tracked to the mom’s address, while at the same time Officers Reed, Brom and Lai were interviewing mom and daughter, and discovered that the suspect might be hiding somewhere inside of the mom’s house. Officers Reed, Brom and Lai began to search the home and property.

During the search, Officer Brom located an attic entry location in the house garage that showed some disturbance, so Officer Reed flew a drone into the space; the drone showed signs of the suspect. The officers gave several announcements over a lengthy period of time for the suspect to surrender. The suspect finally gave up and crawled out to the officers.

This incident is an excellent example of team police work, and really shows not only how skilled your officers are in using the tools at their disposal, but also how tenacious they are in catching suspects. Thank you also to the community members who acted as great witnesses. This was a team win all around.

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