The goal: making healthy food more accessible

Despite the chilly weather and sporadic rain, Living Well Kent’s first East Hill Community Bazaar and Farmer’s Market was a success with many coming out to support the effort. Led by Living Well Kent executive director Shamso Isaak and board member Satwinder Kaur, the community bazaar hosted 12 to 15 vendors with everything from homemade jewelry and handsewn clothes to local farming collaboratives and gemstones from the Middle East. Representatives from Avon and MultiCare also participated in the event held at Morrill Meadows Park.

The goal of the event, and of Living Well Kent, is to make healthy food more accessible. Not all residents of Kent are able to get to local grocery stores or to afford the food offered. East Hill residents are also not always able to get to downtown Kent for the summer farmer’s market, so this event was designed to reach those individuals and families.

Mayor Suzette Cooke, Kent City Councilwoman Brenda Fincher, Nathan Phillips of the YMCA, Reverend James, Roots of All Roads, Tilth Alliance and representatives from the Kent Lions Club were also on hand in the morning to celebrate the first event of the season.

“This is the joy of coming together as a community,” said Mayor Cooke.

“Thank you for building a stronger Kent,” said Councilwoman Fincher.

Phillips attended the event on behalf of YMCA. A YMCA is scheduled to be built on the property immediately behind where the event was held.

“We’re excited to be a partner in this community,” Phillips said.

Reverend James, a member of the food policy council, shared some inspiring words with the crowd.

“People with courage and heart believed this can happen, that there can be change,” he said. “Living Well Kent is not just about health but about a community coming together. When we come together, we can make things happen!”

Saturday’s event was the first of five events, and Living Well Kent organizers hope the event will grow over time. Future events will be held at Morrill Meadows Park on Friday evenings from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM, so they don’t compete with the Kent Lions’ Saturday Farmer’s Market: June 30, July 21, August 25 and September 22. The final event of the season will be a harvest celebration.

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