Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer

A mysterious, smooth black obelisk with hieroglyphic writing on it that previously appeared in Des Moines suddenly re-appeared in a secure area of Pete’s Milk Delivery in Kent on Thursday morning, July 1, 2021.

We got a tip from a driver who was picking milk up about the strange monolith, and were able to take these photos of it from behind the security fence with barbed wire on it:

Not far from the strange new landmark is this one that commemorates the early hop farming of Joseph Brannan in this area in the late 1800s.

Previous locations were in open, public places, including near the Woodmont Beach Community Club, a Maury Island Incident mural and the Quarterdeck cafe/bar at the Des Moines Marina.

Why the odd object would suddenly re-appear in a secure, fenced and gated area reserved for truck deliveries and pickups is beyond explanation though. If this is some kind of publicity stunt, someone needs to reevaluate their marketing strategy.

We talked to Pete Ellis, CEO of Pete’s, who told us:

“It’s a mystery how it got in my secure yard. I don’t quite understand how it happened either. We have security cameras too and nothing shows up. It just suddenly appeared…”

One theory floated to us by an open-minded local UFOlogist is this – what if the obelisk is some kind of communications device (or silverware?) from aliens or some kind of otherworld intelligence that is related to an incident on Maury Island, AND perhaps has been involved in cattle mutilations? Pete’s Milk Delivery used to be Smith Brothers Farms (in fact, Pete’s grandfather was a founder), where tons of cattle were milked for human consumption. Is it not a stretch to consider that perhaps whomever – or whatever – is behind this strange knife-like obelisk is somehow has a fondness for cows and their byproducts?

Below is a map showing the GPS coordinates of the obelisk:

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