In her recent State of the City address, Mayor Dana Ralph mentioned that the city will be creating a program similar to the City of Seattle’s “Find It, Fix It” project.

The Seattle program is a smartphone app that offers mobile users a way to report issues like potholes, abandoned vehicles, clogged drains, dead animals, graffiti, garbage and much more to the city.

“With ‘Find It, Fix It,’ reporting an issue is as easy as snapping a photo with your smartphone, adding detailed information, and hitting submit,” Ralph said. “The map’s ‘drag and drop’ feature or the phone’s own technology can be used to pinpoint the location.”

Along with key department directors and the city’s neighborhood program coordinator, Ralph says she’ll meet with residents and do walking tours of Kent neighborhoods for research.

“I want to see firsthand what is going well and what we can make better,” she added. “Together, we will identify issues and come up with a plan to improve quality of life across the City, one issue and one neighborhood at a time.”

Stay tuned for more info as this new technology gets developed…

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  1. Wow. So the people literally driving home on the very roads that have these potholes all over them, and are getting paid to fix said potholes, now claim actual blindness, not just the kind of mentality that wont let them see the forest thru all the trees kind of blindness, by asking us, whom already have jobs we go to so that you may be allowed to steal food off our childrens’ plates in the form of something you call taxes of every sort. May we also wipe your bum while paying you to do that as well? Boy, you people wouldn’t last 5 minutes if your life depended on it out here in the real world. Smh

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