The recent winter weather has impacted local blood supplies, and Bloodworks Northwest is seeking Donors:

Dear Life-Savers:

I am asking for your help. The recent weather has made an already critically low blood supply even worse. Seven out of eight blood types are below operational levels with some blood types below a 24 hour supply!

Here’s the impact the snow and freezing temperatures is having on our local blood supply right now:

    • In the past three days, 55% of our appointments (966) weren’t able to come in due to the winter weather. We are already seeing additional cancelations today.
    • We have over 1,200 open appointments in the next 10 days.
    • With the holidays and winter weather, donations have dropped by 1,400 units in the past 7 days. This is the smallest amount of donations we have seen since the pandemic began.
    • Our supply is 1,600 units below operational levels with 1,000 units below operational levels for Type O.
    • Almost all blood types are at Emergency Levels, less than a day supply

I am asking for your help in keeping the local blood supply safe and strong. If you can safely do so, please make and keep an appointments to donate blood soon. Local patients are depending on your support; please help us restock the shelves!


Kent Station Pop-Up Center
438 Ramsay Way

Please make your one hour appointment today – go to or call 800-398-7888.

Appointments and masks required.
There is no deferral from donating if you receive the COVID vaccine. See our COVID-19 safety measures.

“Thank you in advance for your loyal support!”

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Scott Schaefer

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