The City of Kent announced the following Road Closure Updates as of 10:20 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 13:

WHEN: Feb. 8 – 13, 2019

DURATION: 2:54 p.m. to TBD


  • SE 192nd St between 120th Ave SE and 116th Ave SE due to downed power line. PSE has been notified. -New
  • S 218th St between 98th Ave S and 93rd Ave S due to inclement weather
  • 93rd Ave S between S 218th St and S 220th St due to inclement weather
  • These roads are closed until further notice, please use alternative routes.

Roadways Now Open:

  • SE 240th St between 144th Ave SE and 148th Ave SE -Now Open
  • SE 192nd St between 120th Ave SE and 124th Ave SE -Now Open
  • 42nd Ave S/Cambridge Dr from S 262nd St to Hampton Way -Now Open
  • S 277th St between 111th Ave SE and L St SE – Now Open
  • Kennebeck Ave S between E Titus St and E Guiberson St- Now Open
  • E Titus St from Central Ave S to Kennebeck Ave S- Now Open
  • SE 248t h St at 98th Ave SE – Now Open
  • James St / SE 240th St from 98th Ave S to Central Ave N- Now Open
  • S 208th St between 92nd Ave S and 96th Ave S- Now Open

CONTACT: Public Works Operations: 253-856-5600

More info at

Public Works Operations Update: Where are we now?
Potholes, potholes and more potholes! With the thaw starting, you are going to see potholes developing all over the City. Your help in identifying where they are will be invaluable, so continue to report them online, email us or call them in to us at 253-856-5600. Crews will be responding to requests along primary and secondary routes today before moving onto other roadways.

Here are some of the questions we’re hearing:

  • Is the City ready for what’s next? We are working with our vendors to replenish our snow and ice materials in preparation for the freezing temperatures that are expected this week and the chance for any additional snowfall we may get.
  • Why is that road still closed? South 218th Street between 98th Avenue South and 93rd Avenue South and 93rd Avenue South from South 218th Street and South 220thStreet remain closed. Crews are working to reopen those roadways as soon as it is safe to do so, but conditions are still too icy to allow our plows in to clear them.  We will continue to monitor the conditions and open them as soon as possible
  • Why are there road closed signs along roadways? We are pre-deploying signage throughout the City in preparation for predicted snow and ice events, so if you see them on the sides of roadways, please leave them there. Having them pre-deployed allows us to quickly and efficiently close roads that become too icy to travel on.
  • Freeze you say? In anticipation of freezing temperatures tonight, we will have staff coming in the early morning hours to evaluate and monitor primary roadways, deploying anti-ice methods and closing roadways as needed.

What can you do?

  •  Help each other: We encourage residents to clear snow and slush off catch basins grates and, if possible, to clear a one-foot swath along gutter lines, so the melting water has room to flow to the catch basins.
  • Keep an eye out: Report potholes and water over roadway sightings at 253-856-5600 or via email to [email protected]. After hours reports can be made by calling 253-856-5600 and selecting option 1 to reach dispatch.
  • Stay informed: If you have not already done so, please sign up for email alerts at and check for the latest traffic alerts and road closures.

“Please continue to be patient with us as we will be blocking lanes of traffic and working in the roadways. Help keep our crews safe by driving slowly and carefully around them; a friendly wave is always appreciated!

“Thank you for looking out for each other and for our crews, we couldn’t do this without you. Be safe out there.”

Scott Schaefer

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