The Kent Police Department says they have been notified of potential scams recently occurring where a caller identifies themselves as a police officer from a police department to solicit personal information and/or ask for money or donations.

Police departments will not make these types of calls unless they are investigating a crime.

“If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a police officer and you are not awaiting a phone call from an officer/department, do not give them personal information and never ever give financial information for money or donation requests,” police said.

Police advise that if you are unsure whether a call from a police department or an officer is legitimate, confirm what police department the person is claiming to be with, hang up with the caller, and contact the police department directly asking for the officer’s name specifically.

If you feel this type of call happened to you, please call their non-emergency number at 253-852-2121.

Scott Schaefer

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