The Washington State Patrol’s new online tracking system for sexual assault kits has concluded its roll-out phase and is now fully implemented, Troopers announced Tuesday, Oct. 30.

The online system, modeled after a similar one in Canada, is developed by STACS DNA, Inc. Survivors have access to the system, giving them the ability to track the progress of the case as it moves forward.

“The primary purpose behind this system is to help survivors get some answers,” said Chief John R. Batiste. “That was the difficult part for a lot of the survivors, is that they had no idea where their kits were.”

Each sexual assault kit will have its own barcode. Medical staff, law enforcement, and prosecutors will have their own portals to input and check cases as they move forward.

Additional benefits of the system include web portal access to all stakeholders, secure login, mobile device access, workload forecasting, and barcode data capture.

The system brings all the parties together. Each phase of the kit can be monitored by the system. This includes the survivor, medical facility, law enforcement agencies, DNA laboratory, an outsourced agency (private lab) and prosecuting attorney.

WSP Information Technology Division employees took the lead on training for the system and oversee the education of all agencies and stakeholders on the use of the system.

“This is the first system in the country to offer a fully secure login for survivors to track their kits,” said Chief Batiste. “In addition to the transparency this system provides, it gives the survivor a sense of security knowing their kit has not been forgotten, misplaced or destroyed.”

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