The third annual Men In Black Birthday Bash (aka MIBBB Fest) will once again include a curated, one-night mini-film festival…with a twist – a space-themed after-party featuring BOOTS!, a Seattle-based pop-up dance party that time-travels guests back to the 1960’s – here’s a taste:

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The MIBBB Film + Dance Party is the opening event of this year’s MIBBB Fest, which celebrates the world’s first encounter with the iconic Men in Black on June 22, 1947. That encounter is said to have occurred after a Tacoma man reported seeing flying saucers off the shores of Maury Island. 

“We love to celebrate all that’s curiously wonderful in our region, like the mysterious story and unexplained visitors that surround the Maury Island Incident,” said Ashley Comar, SVP Marketing & Communications at Explore Seattle Southside. “It’s a perfect fit for Explore Seattle Southside to sponsor opening night at the MIBBB Fest. We can’t wait to partake in some out-of-this-world revelry—and to share a couple of extraordinary surprises that will have everyone looking to the skies!”

MIBBB Film lineup

The MIBBB Film + Dance Party will include a mix of local, US, and international films. The eclectic line-up of thought provoking short films invokes the spirit of the iconic Men In Black, asking big questions about all manner of the unexplained and unresolved.

“We received a lot of submissions this year, and we’re excited about the range of topics and genres – drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror, and animation, with some X-Files and Twilight Zone vibes,” said Natalie Welch, MIBBB Fest executive director.

Space-Themed After-Party with BOOTS!

BOOTS! has been described as Seattle’s “one and only dance party à go-go.” DJs Sarah Savannah and Maxwell Edison (pictured above) seek to bring back the spirit and energy of the 60s by spinning Garage, R&B, and Soul at 45rpm to get a dance floor going.

“It’s the best music. It has the most soul, it sounds the best, it’s sophisticated and simple at the same time,” said Maxwell Edison, who operates the dance parties with Sarah Savannah.

 “Everybody loves it — it makes people happy,” said Savannah. “It’s an era where everything was possible. It’s an era of optimism.”

“We saw Boots! in Seattle and realized Des Moines has never, ever, seen anything like this,” said MIBBB co-founder Steve Edmiston. “Mirror balls, lighting, 60s décor – just retro fun, plain and simple, with two DJs spinning their original 45s, accompanied by live, space-themed, go-go dancers.” 

No cosplay is required but Edmiston says, “We are not going to be surprised if some MIB and aliens crash the party.”

MIBBB Film + Dance Party takes place at 7:00 on Friday, June 21 at Harper Studios in Des Moines. Tickets include popcorn and a beverage for the film portion, as well as beer and wine at the dance party. 

An optional VIP pre-party will be held at Marina Mercantile, within walking distance of Harper Studios. 


Tickets for the MIBBB Film Party and all MIBBB events are available now at EventBrite.

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About Steve Edmiston

Steve is an appointee to the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau, and has keynoted the Washington State Historical Society, Smith Tower VRumrunners Club, McMenamin’s History Pubs, conferences, festivals, historical societies, and business groups.  He is also a business, entertainment, and IP attorney, and independent film screenwriter/producer. He is credited with four feature films (including Lifetime’s Crimes of the Past). His award-winning shorts include The Maury Island Incident, The Day My Parents Became Cool, and Thr33.

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