‪Kent Police are reporting that on Saturday morning (Feb. 2), at 8:25 a.m., a female tried to cash a stolen check at the Safeway on Washington Ave.

Officers responded as she left the scene, tried to stop her, but she eluded them and drove away.

Deputies positioned spike strips which she avoided as she continued her escape.

Furthering her attempt to avoid the police, the woman cut across oncoming traffic and collided with a vehicle. The 32-year old female suspect was critically injured in the collision and taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

The victim of the other car suffered minor injuries.

The road at 212th and Frager Road was closed while police work to investigate.‬

Scott Schaefer

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2 replies on “Woman in critical condition after eluding Kent Police, crashing Sat. morning”

  1. The Police did the right thing. If they break- off chases people will be further emboldned to flee. The police should not be faulted for violator transgressions. It should be clear that if you run you will lose.

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