This month, the City of Kent installed additional Red Light Cameras in the city.

The Kent City Council previously approved installation of the cameras in six additional intersections in the city. The City said that those locations were chosen based on the number of collisions that have occurred in those intersections.

Fines for violations are $136, and police said that the ticket does not go onto your driving abstract and will not impact your insurance rate.

“We are working with the vendors to get all the cameras installed,” Kent Police said. So far two of the six locations are operational, and from June 15 to July 15, Kent Officers will be issuing warning notices at the below sites:

    • 116th Ave SE and SE 240th – all directions
    • 68th Ave S and S 228th – all directions except North

On July 16, 2023, Officers will begin to issue tickets to those who run the red lights in those intersections. Police say that previously-installed cameras at other locations in the city have resulted in less collisions over the years.

The revenue for the Red Light Cameras goes towards Criminal Justice Funding to pay for the Body Worn Cameras that Kent Officers use on patrol.

For additional information about the City of Kent Red Light Program, including 2022 statistics, other camera locations in the city, and frequently asked questions, visit:

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