This week, the King County Prosecuting Attorneys Office filed a Murder in the 2nd Degree charge against the defendant in the May 2 fatal shooting at the Meeker Street Bar & Grill.

Daniel Suesue, 25, of Spanaway, was charged for the murder of Roderick Loi Belford, 30.

Prosecutors said that Suesue was captured via video surveillance footage shooting the victim multiple times as the victim stood in front of him, inflicting what was later confirmed to be eight total gunshot wounds.

Charging documents say that Suesue fired at the victim at close range and while standing inside of a crowded bar where other patrons were present, thereby putting the safety and wellbeing of uninvolved bystanders at risk.

The video footage shows that in the seconds leading up to the fatal shooting, the victim was not holding a weapon or firearm in his right hand that was visible near his waistline.

Additionally, footage shows that the victim’s left hand, which was inserted in his front jacket pocket, was never removed from his pocket prior to the suspect drawing down on and firing into the victim. In short, the video from inside the bar does not show the victim producing, displaying, or pointing any sort of weapon at the Defendant or anyone else inside the bar.

While the Defendant does not have any felony conviction history, he faces significant jeopardy given the present charge of Murder in the Second Degree with a firearm enhancement. Given the potential consequences of a future conviction, the State has concerns that if released from custody, the Defendant presents a risk of not appearing for court.

Assault in the Second Degree as used in the above charge means to intentionally assault another with a deadly weapon. Attempt as used in this charge means that the defendant committed an act which was a substantial step towards the commission of the above described crime with the intent to commit that crime.

Prosecutors requested that bail be set in the amount of $1 million dollars.

Highlights from Charging Documents:

Incident: On Thursday, May 2nd, 2024, at 10:46 p.m., Kent Police responded to reports of a fight at the Meeker Street Bar & Grill, which was initially reported as a physical altercation without weapons.

Victims: Roderick Loi Belford (30) was shot and killed by Daniel Suesue (25).


  • Suesue: Springfield XD 9mm pistol (recovered from his person)
  • Belford: No firearm recovered on his person. Witnesses reported seeing a firearm in Belford’s possession before the shooting, but video evidence shows none was visible.

Sequence of Events:

  • Verbal altercation inside the bar between Suesue and Belford. Belford is escorted out.
  • Fight breaks out in the parking lot between Suesue, other patrons, and Belford.
  • Suesue is seen holding a firearm in his left hand behind his back (outside). He then pockets it and walks away.
  • Suesue re-enters the bar after being held back during the fight.
  • Belford enters the bar again. Security footage shows his right hand empty and his left hand in his pocket.
  • Gunshots were heard during the call, leading to the discovery of the victim, Roderick Belford, who was shot.
  • Suesue, identified as the shooter, was found armed and detained by officers at the scene.
  • Two pistols, including a Springfield XD 9mm from Suesue, were recovered by the police.
  • Despite life-saving efforts, Belford succumbed to eight gunshot wounds, including two to the head.
  • Video evidence from the bar captured the moments leading to the shooting, showing Suesue aiming at Belford.
  • Suesue is accused of causing Belford’s death while committing Assault in the Second Degree, with intent to kill.

The defendant’s arraignment is scheduled for May 20 at the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent.

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