First Avenue South – old lights on the left, new lights on the right.
Photos courtesy Kent Public Works.

Kent Public Works announced that lighting on First Avenue South has a fresh, new look.

On Monday, May 12, 2020, transportation technicians Damion Jarger and Jay Crisostomo replaced old, worn out streetlight fixtures on First Avenue South between Titus and Gowe Streets.

“We believe the old fixtures date back to the 1970s or the early 1980s,” a spokesperson said. “They have held up well, but they are past their useful life. Several of the fixtures were broken or had missing parts which we can’t get anymore. The old fixtures also had fiberglass globes that have yellowed and stained over time, reducing the quality of the lighting.”

The new fixtures have clear, acrylic globes and better LED lights which make a noticeable improvement in the quality of light on the street and sidewalks (see photo above).

Next time you visit downtown at night, be sure to check them out!

Photos courtesy Kent Public Works

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One reply on “Bright new street lights installed on First Avenue South between Titus and Gowe”

  1. They look terrible. Haven’t you heard of all the negatives associated with light pollution? The AMA has released quantitative studies connecting a wide variety of medical maladies with light pollution. And the environmental consequences of too much lighting is also a valid concern.

    And if you believe that more lighting is a deterrent to crime, you haven’t researched the correlation. Do you truly believe that crime only occurs at night? Have you considered that all that additional light only serves as a work light for the nefariously inclined?

    By practicing intelligent lighting management, you can protect human and environmental health, save energy costs, and provide proper night lighting.

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