UPDATE 5/12/20 10 a.m.: A man was found fatally shot in a house in the 24000 block of 35th Ave. S. on Kent’s west hill (map below) Tuesday morning, May 12, 2020.

Police say that at around 5 a.m., Kent Officers were dispatched to that location, where armed subjects were reportedly assaulting the occupants of a residence.

While Officers were responding, dispatch updated the information with reports of shots being fired and suspects fleeing the scene.

Officers arrived on location to find one adult male had been shot and was deceased.

There were two other adults – still on location – that had injuries from being physically assaulted. Both victims were treated by Puget Sound Fire and one was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for further evaluation.

Preliminary information suggests that the suspect is known to the victims, and it is believed that this incident is specific to those involved.

Kent Detectives at the scene and are interviewing witnesses and examining evidence to determine the sequence of events that resulted from this shooting.

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3 replies on “UPDATE: Man found fatally shot in home on Kent’s west hill Tuesday morning”

  1. Grew up in this neighborhood in the 60s, sadly this house has been a source of tragedy for many, many years…

  2. I know the person who was fatally shot he was always the type that would help you out of any situation and the walking up to try to help his roommates and then end up dead well it’s not something he deserved and it is definitely a tragedy in the penny one knows anything about who shot him please tell the authorities so they can be caught and held accountable for an absolutely senseless and meaningless death

  3. I knew the victim. If anybody didn’t deserve this stupid, unnecessary crime, it was him. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.
    Hed give u the shirt off his back & then some. It didn’t matter who u were, if u asked or even if u didn’t, he’d give u whatever he had. If he didn’t have it, he’d do what he could 2 get it 4 u.
    It didn’t matter what was going on in his life or his mood, he would always try 2 make those around him smile. Even if it was humiliating(especially if it was humiliating) he had the hugest heart & always thought of others.
    He didn’t talk bad about nobody or do any thing 2 any1.
    He was also very talented, a real artist, he could draw anything & very well. He was also an extremist, always pushing the bar & amazing those around him.
    Full of energy & ideas. Always trying 2 help or fix something.
    He just wanted 2 b excepted, liked, helpful. He was the most loyal & down person I’ve ever met. Unbelievablely!!!!
    He was a truly awesome individual, I can’t say enough about him. Words just don’t do justice when it comes 2 him. I shed a tear every time he’s mentioned or even thought of……..R.I.P…u will always b missed & u were a TRUE friend, the definition of 1. Very rare breed. I was truly blessed & so thankful 2 b able 2 say I not only met u but could call u a FRIEND. Love u.

    P.s. the only thing he wanted & was deeply saddened by was not being able 2 see or at least have some kinda contact w/his children. Let them know he loved them & missed them. A real travisty, the loss of him.

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