Courtesy our friends at the Kent Downtown Partnership:

Chief Padilla sent this email today to let us know what the Police Department is doing amidst the COVID-19 outbreak to keep your businesses safe.

We also wanted to see if there are any specific needs we can address.

      • First of all, we continue to be fully able to respond to calls, although we have stopped all in-person contact unless necessary to keep people safe.  We are asking people to report non-emergency incidents via e-reporting (see our website) or by phone.  We have plans in place should our staffing level drop and impact service further
      • We have asked our officers to patronize local restaurants (takeout/drive-thru) when they can during the emergency order
      • We have stepped up patrols in our business areas and in neighborhoods
      • We are not taking enforcement action on reports of people/organizations violating the public gathering restrictions unless the gathering creates a public safety risk or results in the destruction of property

Police would like to get a list of businesses who are closed so we can provide extra patrols.   (NOTE:  Gaila/KDP is working on this – if you have not provided me details yet, please do so ASAP to [email protected])

Knowing that a business is closed will aid our officer in knowing if people should be there. Our 911 calls for service are  increasing and as things progress they are likely to grow significantly, but we will do all we can to patrol and deter crime.

We’d also ask that businesses do the following:

    • If possible, leave the interior lights on.  It helps our officers see into the building at night
    • Turn off public Wi-Fi, especially if it can be accessed from outside your building
    • Cover/remove exterior electrical outlets to keep people from stealing power and remaining on your property
    • Lock all gates/access to the property
    • Consider signing a trespass agreement with the PD.  Businesses can email me and I will send them the forms.  This gives our officers the authority to trespass people on the business’ behalf when they are not there
    • Make sure your business alarm and cameras are working properly

If there is a specific concern that does not require a police response, please have your members email me at [email protected] and we will get back as soon as possible.

These are very difficult times, but all of us here at the city are doing all we can to keep you safe.  Together we will all get through this.

Warm regards,
Rafael Padilla
Chief of Police
Kent Police Department
220 Fourth Avenue South, Kent, WA 98032

Main Line 253-856-5800 | Direct Line 253-856-5885
[email protected]

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