This weekend an Kent’s East Hill, community members came together with Kent Police to help put a suspected residential burglar in jail.

Police said that on Friday, July 7, 2023 at about 9:30 p.m., Patrol Officers were dispatched to the 27500 block of 140th Ave SE (map below) in response to a 911 call of a residential burglary in progress. The young adult 911 caller stated that they were home with four younger siblings and could hear a suspect inside the house. The caller stated that his 11-year-old sibling had seen the suspect inside their home, ran upstairs and locked herself and her siblings inside a room.

Patrol Officers quickly arrived and discovered the back sliding door to the home wide open. They thoroughly searched the home, but the suspect had fled. Additional Officers were outside searching the area for the suspect.

911 started to receive multiple calls from neighbors stating that they had either seen or heard a suspicious person in or around their home and property. They reported a suspect trespassing and hopping fences. One caller stated that a person was now on their roof, and had jumped off when seen. Officers arrived and placed that suspect, a 27-year-old Redmond man, into custody without incident. He was positively ID’d as the suspect inside the home of the original 911 caller.

“We want to thank every community member who called 911 to report the suspect’s suspicious activities,” police said. “You don’t always know when you call 911 for suspicious behavior what is exactly happening. Sometimes it turns out to be something non-nefarious.”

“In this case, those calls were critical and they directly assisted in locating and arresting this burglar. Thank you!”

The suspect was arrested and booked into King County Jail for Burglary and other related charges.

Scott Schaefer

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