One of the most beautiful seasons of the year is just weeks away, yet so many women actually dread summer. Why? Tank tops, shorts and sundresses do little to hide excess weight, and as women, we are often overly critical of our bodies. The good news is that we have the ability to change, to embrace who we are and to choose what’s next.

Are you waiting to change? Are you waiting for the magic moment?

Have you said to yourself…

“When I am ready I will get on track.” …But you never seem to be ready?

“I just need things to slow down.” …But things never seem to slow down?

“When I have more time and the kids (or my job) need me less I will work on me.” … But the kids (or work) always seem to need you.

“When __________, then I will ________.” But it just never seems to happen.

It’s easy to get to a place where you think that there will be a perfect moment, that there will be a perfect situation and a perfect time that moves you into being totally inspired to finally lose the weight. You might be waiting for that perfect moment or time of year – like summer – that you feel will magically motivate and inspire you.

This could lead to a lifetime of waiting and thinking about changing. The truth is that all change is based in action.

Embrace a Blissfully Healthy Lifestyle This Summer!There will always be something, the holidays, BBQs, a birthday, anniversary, or a crazy busy time of year.  We want to get you to a place where you are not compelled to overeat at these life events. Instead, you have released the emotional eating so much so that you focus more on the social interactions there instead, and feel so much more fulfillment in the social interactions that the food is just there… and not calling your name.

When you are ready to take action, to work on learning how to feel your emotions with things that work BETTER and feel better than food, while implementing a healthier way of eating… your transformation will happen. Through action.

Thinking about changing, how to do it, what to do about it, won’t create results.

The great news is that you have already done the hard stuff that did not work. The drastic, harsh all-or-nothing diets that failed. It doesn’t have to look like that. Releasing the weight can actually be fun, exciting and easy. Yes, easy.

When you are not fighting against yourself to ‘stay on track,’ even though you feel deprived, it can be easy.  When you learn how to feel better from the emotions of life without using food, you are not fighting against yourself.  When you have support and guidance when you get stuck, it all comes together to help you get out of your own way.

Embrace a Blissfully Healthy Lifestyle This SummerOne of my clients started coaching thinking, “This is going to be hard.” As she dragged herself into her first coaching session, we jumped into her coaching sessions and together we pulled off layers of why she was eating emotionally. She started feeling happier, we laughed a lot in our sessions, we set fun realistic goals, and she released 20 pounds in 10 weeks!

Most importantly she realized, “I can’t believe this, I am releasing weight and having fun while doing it!  Everything I am learning makes so much sense.  I can’t believe I have stuck with it this long and am actually enjoying the process! I know this is something I can do for life.”

The answer to “being ready” just might be in redefining what weight loss needs to look like for you. Redefine it by adding the fun back into the process! Yes, it does take intention.  Yes, it does take consistency. And, YES it can be easy and fun!

How can you add some fun back into your weight loss? Here is your Anchor Statement:

“Just for today I will consider how a new lifestyle can be fun!”

Regardless of your weight or size, you deserve to enjoy the sun and all the fun it brings! Don’t let your weight be something that robs your joy this summer.

If you would like to have support with losing weight, reach out and let’s chat. I would love to support you in releasing weight and help you start to feel great about your body for many summers to come.

Make it a Blissfully Healthy Day!

Your Coach Emmie

Certified Women’s Wellness Coach Emmie Perez, Founder of Blissfully Healthy









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