In the heart of Kent, a rising name in the staffing industry is making waves.

De’Angelo Carter, CEO, and Owner of HireNow Staffing, has captured the attention of both job seekers and employers alike with his innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence.

But De’Angelo’s journey to entrepreneurial success wasn’t paved with gold from the start – it was a path forged through determination, resilience, and a passion for empowering others.

Eighteen months ago, De’Angelo took a leap of faith and ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship. Armed with years of experience in staffing for the light industrial sector, he set out to establish his own staffing firm in Kent. Despite the challenges and uncertainties that often accompany the journey of a solopreneur, De’Angelo remained steadfast in his vision to build something meaningful from scratch. He is passionate about his mission to “Rebuild Industries One Job at a Time.”

De’Angelo credits his success back to his roots serving in the US Army, working as a welder,  and as an employee in the staffing industry. Such experiences helped him develop a keen eye for talent and a genuine desire to connect people with opportunities. He quickly rose through the ranks at his previous staffing firm, gaining invaluable insights along the way. It is this hands-on experience (and surely his Army grit) that laid the foundation for his current endeavors and instilled in him a deep understanding of both the intricacies of the staffing landscape and how to achieve results. He knows how to match candidates with opportunities, so that both businesses and employees benefit.

However, De’Angelo’s ambitions extend far beyond the confines of his initial sector serving the needs of light industrial businesses.

Recognizing the need for diversification and adaptability in an ever-evolving market, he has expanded his focus to encompass a broader range of industries, including healthcare, administration, and skilled trades. This strategic pivot not only enabled him to tap into new markets but has also positioned HireNow Staffing as a versatile and dynamic player in the industry. 

But perhaps what sets De’Angelo apart is not just his business acumen, but his unwavering commitment to being a source of inspiration for his family and community.

As a father and community leader, he understands the importance of leading by example, and demonstrates that – with hard work and perseverance – anything is possible. De’Angelo is an active member of the Kent Chamber of Commerce, where he has served as an ambassador and as an advocate for individuals with disabilities. 

Through his entrepreneurial journey, De’Angelo hopes to inspire others to chase their

dreams relentlessly and defy the odds, no matter how daunting they may seem.

As HireNow Staffing continues to carve out its place in the competitive landscape of

Kent, one thing remains abundantly clear: De’Angelo Carter is not just building a business; he’s building a legacy. His story serves as a testament to the power of ambition, resilience, and the unwavering belief in oneself. 

Drawing on this winning attitude, he seeks businesses and employees who want to succeed and just need a matchmaker to get connected. And as he continues tochart new territories and break down barriers, one thing is for certain – the best is yet to come for De’Angelo Carter and HireNow Staffing…while he continues to “Rebuild Industries One Job at a Time.”

De’Angelo Carter
CEO/Owner – HireNow Staffing Inc. 
Direct Placement Agency

Office: 253.854.2040

Fax: 253.409.2350

Cell: 253.553.7533



“We Are Rebuilding Industries One Job at a Time”

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