EDITOR’S NOTE: ‘Just Jeff’ – aka Jeff Heiss – is our newest columnist:

By Jeff Heiss
aka Just Jeff

I talk big. I’m good at it. I’ve kind of perfected it over the years. It’s easy. I just talk about everything I’m going to do. I don’t have to do it. I’m talking about it. No one really expects me to do anything. They don’t really care. Well it’s not that they don’t care. It’s that they’re focused on themselves and aren’t paying attention. I can talk about what I’m going to do for years. No one is keeping track. They aren’t looking that closely.

To do what I talk about doing would require work and could possibly become an inconvenience in my life; or worse…I could fail. That would be devastating.

Until the day comes that I start doing what I talk about doing, I keep talking; talking big. Maybe one day I’ll stop talking about what I’m going to do and begin doing it. One day. Maybe. Meanwhile, I talk big.

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