The Waterland Blog has learned that ‘Friends of Masonic Home’ is the name of the group that has plans for the historic Landmark on the Sound site in Des Moines.

An Open House is planned for this Saturday, Feb. 24, from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the site.

“The main intent is to preserve the existing Masonic Lodge along with all of the grounds West of the main entrance,” said Travis Ameche, Project Coordinator. “The interior would be converted to WORKlofts while still preserving the historical charm. We want the community to enjoy the grounds along with some of the public amenities we plan to offer.”

Here’s a rendering of the group’s plans (click image to view larger version):

Here’s more from the potential purchasers:

The proposed Landmark Development will encompass a multitude of uses while preserving the beauty of the Masonic Lodge and existing courtyard. The land West of the Masonic lodge including the existing water fountain, gardens and landscaped area will be preserved and dedicated for public use. The exterior of the Masonic Lodge will be preserved while the existing interior rooms will be converted into approximately 395 WORKlofts for local artists, artisans, musicians, software developers, tech startups, and other local small businesses. Existing spaces such as the performing arts theatre, commercial kitchen and gathering areas will be preserved as an amenity to tenants along with venues for community enjoyment.

Existing single story convalescent homes will be replaced by LiveWORK lofts located directly East of the existing Masonic Lodge. Three stories of LiveWORK lofts will total approximately 126,000 sq. ft. and will include approximately 115 LiveWORK lofts for artists, craftsmen, musicians and local small businesses. Each space will include a designated workspace, living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom/s.

The Eastern portion of the parcel currently forested will be developed to include a three phase multi‐ story mixed use development that will accommodate apartments and small liveWORK spaces. A combination of five story and eight story terraced buildings will complement the nature of the existing site and allow tenants to enjoy the beautiful views of Puget Sound and surrounding areas that Des Moines offers. Amenities of the mixed use development will include a ground floor restaurant open to the public and common area amenities for the tenants including entertainment spaces, gym, outdoor BBQ and business center.

An approximate 10,000 sq. ft. community center would be proposed on the Southeast portion of the site. This would be open to the local community and include conference rooms, social gathering spaces, kitchen and outdoor BBQ.

A listing of proposed uses can be found below:

1. WORKlofts (Non‐Residential) – Existing Masonic Lodge (Approximately 395 WORKlofts) a. Small craft spaces ranging from approximately 100 – 350 sq. ft.
i. Artists, Artisans, Hobbyists, Musicians, Software Developers, Tech Startups, Graphic Designers, Web Designers/developers, Business Professionals
b. Commercial Kitchen
i. Available for local food service companies (food trucks), catering companies,
c. Performing Arts Theatre
i. Community events, rehearsals
d. Conference Rooms
e. Social gathering spaces
i. Available for community events
f. Water Feature and the grounds dedicated as public space
g. Community Gardens
h. Outdoor Movie space
2. Live Work Spaces – New Buildings (Approximately 115 LiveWORK lofts)
a. Artists, Artisans, Musicians and Small Business spaces with living quarters included by a floor or wall separation
b. Designated workspace, living room, full kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms
3. Apartments (Three phase development totaling Approximately 1506 spaces)
a. Phase I to include approximately 385 units
b. Phase II to include approximately 515 units
c. Phase III to include approximately 550‐606 units
i. LiveWORK spaces ii. Apartments
1. Common Area amenities to include movie/game room, small gym, outdoor BBQ, entertainment rooms, business center.
2. Restaurant/café on ground floor for the general public
4. Community Center (Approximately 10,000 sq. ft.)
a. Conference Rooms
b. Social Gathering Spaces
c. BBQ Area
d. Kids Play Structure
e. Kitchen for hosting community events
f. Restrooms

Behind the existing Masonic Lodge, new owners hope to build LiveWORK lofts that would essentially be small loft apartments with a work area to accommodate tenants creative or business needs.

East of the LiveWORK lofts they have plans for apartments with a restaurant/retail component.

“We believe that community participation and involvement is key in making a project like this successful,” Ameche added. “We want this to be a site that families can continue to enjoy for generations.”

Ameche says that Saturday’s Open House is “intended to provide some vision into the amenities they would like to include, and the hope is to get some participation and feedback from people as to what amenities would provide the greatest enjoyment.”

The company currently runs two WORKlofts in Seattle – the Cascade Building on Beacon Hill, and the Olympic Building on Airport Way.

For more info about WORKlofts, visit

The historic Landmark on the Sound is located at 23660 Marine View Drive South in Des Moines:

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