EDITOR’S NOTE: ‘Just Jeff’ – aka Jeff Heiss – is our newest columnist:

I’m not going to live in the safe zone.

Certainly, I don’t want to live a life of foolish risk, but I also don’t want to live a life on the safety of the shores of life. It’s safe there, though. I can’t drown. I also don’t live very much. It’s riskier out in the waters, but it’s there I’m most fully alive; stretching, growing, failing, trying again.

I’d expend less energy if I lived in the safe zone. It’s quiet and serene, as well. And I think I’d have more company. It’s also easier to avoid failing or, worse, ridicule. Failure hurts, though without it, I’m not growing. I prefer to be growing and it’s away from the safety of the shore where I grow the most.

Sometimes I wish it was my preference to live in the safe zone (of life), though I know I would not be happy there.

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