EDITOR’S NOTE: ‘Just Jeff’ – aka Jeff Heiss – is our newest columnist:

What would the news report on if it had nothing to report on?

Why, it would report on anything it could find. For its job is to report and, if there were no news to report, there would be nothing for it to do. Therefore, it must report and, if the well is running dry, the news must look far and wide for something to report. Much news is worthy of reporting. There’s also a lot of news that is not worthy of reporting. Space allocated for reporting must be filled. After a while, with so many news reports and only so much news to report, two things happen; the quality of reporting diminishes, and/or it becomes sensational.

if they’re lucky, a catastrophic event will occur. Then all news reporting resources can be steered towards reporting on the catastrophe, even before a full understanding of the catastrophe is known. Hours and hours, even days can be spent, not necessarily on reporting the news, but reporting on speculation of what the news might become, as the real story is revealed over time; time the news can not afford to wait.

What will the news report on if it had nothing to report on? Anything it can.

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