This past Sunday, Sept. 23, 2023, at about 6:30 a.m., a Kent Police Officer was patrolling the East Hill around 104th and 240th when he saw a full-sized truck driving slowly in the center lane.

Police said that the truck was repeatedly weaving into oncoming lanes, then coming back. The Officer attempted to pull it over.

“This is where it gets a bit unusual,” Kent PD said. “The driver didn’t want to stop, and continued to slowly drive around the East Hill at about 25mph. The truck stopped twice in different locations, only to drive off again when the Officer tried to make contact. Now additional Officers had to arrived to assist, trying to pin the vehicle into place. No such luck.”

Police said that eventually the driver tried to access SR 167 and was in a section of the road where the Officer could safely perform a PIT maneuver.

“It worked,” police said, “however our driver, a 55-year-old Auburn woman, was undeterred. She pointed something at the Officer that looked very similar to a pistol and declared they would have to kill her. She jogged away from the vehicle and again pointed the pistol-looking object at the Officers. Despite this clear attempt at scaring them away, she was assisted to ground from behind once several Officers were able to surround her. She resisted, but was placed into cuffs. Due to her behavior, she was evaluated by PSRFA and deemed ok.”

Turned out that the pistol-shaped object was a collection of items formed into the shape of pistol.

In addition to her current DUI arrest, she was also arrested for an outstanding King County SO DUI warrant for $10K, and for driving on a suspended 2nd license.

“Please don’t drive drunk. We are thankful our Officer found her before she caused an accident. Hopefully this will be the time she gets help.

“If you also find yourself this intoxicated at 6 a.m….or at any time while driving, here are some help options. Take one please:”

Scott Schaefer

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